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Class 70th Birthday Party
Our 70th birthday party was held Saturday, April 21, 2018, 6-10 pm, at Capital City Country Club!
We had an indoor picnic--fried chicken, BBQ pork, potato salad, baked beans, cake, etc.
The DJ p;ayed a list of 100 top songs for the 1960s.
50th Class Reunion
50 Years of Lions’ Pride Comes Full Circle
June 24 & 25, 2016 • Tallahassee

Hello Leon Lions!
The 50th reunion is over but oh what a wonderful time we had! Thanks to all who attended; we missed those that couldn’t.  Thanks to all that expressed their gratitude for the work of the planning committee. We were deeply touched and honored.

50th Reunion Recap Letter

Reunion Pictures and Slideshow

Core planning Committee:

Katy Sue Mohler Lewis, co-chair
Jo Messer, co-chair
Nancy Nation Adams, Friday night
Kay Olive Chavez, Friday night
Charlene Thompson Hall, Saturday morning
Sandy Warren, Saturday night
Cris Williams Speer, Saturday night

We would also appreciate your help in contacting those classmates that are “missing.” Please see this list of missing classmates and forward us any contact information you may have for those on the list as soon as possible. This can be shared three ways:

  1. Email: lhs66at50years@gmail.com
  2. Letter/post card: LHS 1966 50th Reunion, 3122 Mahan Dr., Suite 801-266, Tallahassee, FL 32308.
  3. Facebook: 1966 Leon High School Classmates. This is a Closed Group but ask to join and your request will be approved.

Sadly we have lost far too many classmates. Here is a list of deceased classmates.
Please let us know of any discrepancies on this list.

And feel free to contact us through Facebook and email if you just want to chat. We would love to hear from you!

1966 LHS 50th Reunion Core Committee:
Katy Sue Mohler Lewis
Jo Messer
Sandy Warren
Kay Olive Chavez
Nancy Nation Adams
Charlene Thompson Hall

Grand Reunion II
APRIL 13 & 14 2007
Celebrating 100 years of Tradition, Pride, and Excellence
Grand Reunion photos

40th Class Reunion
June 23-24, 2006 • Tallahassee
Dear Classmates,
It was over 40 years since we graduated from Leon High School!  And to celebrate such an auspicious occasion, the planning committee arranged the following weekend activities. 

DATE: Friday, June 23
LOCATION: The Silver Slipper, 531 Silver Slipper Lane

DATE: Saturday, June 24
LOCATION: Leon High School lobby, front entrance

DATE: Saturday, June 24
LOCATION: FSU Alumni Center

1966 LHS 40th Reunion Planning Committee
Genny Rosenberg, Jo Messer, Marcia Thornberry

30th Reunion
Here's a recap of the 30th Reunion held in 1996.